Novel Energy Finance

Novel Energy Finance offers NES customers and clients a variety of creative financing solutions to meet their individual needs. Depending on the type of client (see Clients & Customers) and the size of the project, we can either offer internal financing or coordinate external financing through our network of financing partners. Novel Energy Finance seeks to make projects more affordable and accessible for all of our clients, regardless of project size or the type of client.

Project Financing Options


Take advantage of the low interest rate environment and finance your green energy project today! Here are just a few of the benefits of financing your project:

• Reduce up-front costs.

• Create a tax shield.

• Increase return on invested capital.

System Leases

Novel Energy Solutions gives you the option of leasing rather than buying your solar energy system. Leasing offers many benefits including:

• Immediate positive cash flow because lease payments are less than what you save on your energy bills.

• 0% financial risk, as Novel Energy Solutions will guarantee a minimum amount of energy production on a system we install.

• Immediate cost savings for businesses.

Property / Rooftop Leases

In certain jurisdictions, property or rooftop leases may be available. A property or rooftop lease allows a property owner to make extra revenue off of unused property without any financial or system risk. In this program, NES will pay a property owner for the use of a specified portion of a property in order to install, operate, and maintain a solar energy generation system. NES will sell the energy generated to a local utility company or provider. Property or rooftop leases give the following benefits to the property owner:

• Additional revenue off of unused sections of the property, including the roof and unused land

• 0% financial risk, as Novel Energy Solutions is fully responsible installation, operation, and maintenance of the system and maintains full ownership.

Installment Purchases

For select buyers, we offer a unique installment purchase program. With this financing method, we can even eliminate your project performance risk.