How Novel Energy Solutions Can Save You Money

Did you know that most businesses, farms, non-profits, and residences are eligible for a variety of clean energy incentives? The Novel Energy Solutions team will work with you to identify all applicable tax credits, rebates, and financing options to help you make money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Energy Savings

Our Solar Products are among the best in performance and reliability. Our systems are warrantied for 20 years, and with free maintenance, your system will always have near peak performance. This ensures you will effectively curb your energy and heating costs over the life of the product, saving you money.

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Project Financing

We understand that going solar can be expensive. However, we offer a variety of low-risk financing options and are committed to help make solar affordable for your community. In many cases pay back of the system can be accomplished in as little as three years.

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Tax Incentives

Federal Incentives

Current Federal incentives can provide you with a tax credit worth 30% of the purchase price of your solar hot air collector. Effectively, it decreases your purchase price by 30%.

State Incentives

Although these incentives can vary by state, most will exempt the improvement from property tax increases, along with providing incentives to install it.

Municipal and Utility Incentives

These incentives can vary, but many municipal utilities offer incentives and rebate programs to help reduce the cost of a solar installation.


Several government programs are currently available depending on your industry and application.