Renewable Energy Solutions for Farms

Financially Viable, Environmentally Friendly Solutions

NES can provide your farm with financially viable technologies that have the added benefit of helping the environment. Our agricultural clients can usually expect investment payback times of less than five years. We only offer technologies that generate more affordable energy than the energy supplied by your utility company.

Purchase and Lease Options Tailored to You

NES specifically tailors your purchase or lease recommendation to your unique situation. We take into account a wide range of factors (tax appetite, cash flow, situation etc.) to suggest the best financial arrangement for you, whether it be a cash purchase, financed purchase through us, or our $0 down lease option. For more information on agricultural financing options, please go to Project Financing.

Our Approach

NES takes a holistic approach towards your specific energy situation. Each customer and each building is different as is each person’s best purchase option. We are a customer-centered company that makes sure you save money.

Solar Hot Air


Solar Air Heating has a wide range of applications in the agricultural industry. The best candidates tend to have:

• High ventilation rates

• High heating temperatures

• Long hours of operation.

• Expensive fuel

Some of the best segments are poultry producers and swine nurseries. In many of these applications, payback times can be less than 1 year.

Solar Hot Air represents a great financial investment that improves air quality (thus improving the health of the animals) and helps the environment.